Drunken supporter is given football ban

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Magistrates have given a visiting football fan a three-year banning order after he drunkenly tried to sneak past a steward who had refused him entry to a Mansfield Town game.

David Miles, prosecuting, said an officer from Devon and Cornwall Police had advised Nottinghamshire colleagues at the match that Plymouth Argyle fan Matthew Pollack (26) had been warned to stop drinking alcohol at 11am.

Said Mr Miles: “He was turned away by a steward and tried to walk past but was turned away again. At that point he was arrested.

“He has another football-related offence for invading the pitch in January.

“There was an application for a football banning order at the time, which was contested because the defendant likes to take his children to football matches.”

Sarah Sanderson, defending, said: “Mr Pollack says he had not appreciated that it was an offence but ignorance to the law is not an excuse.

“His family will suffer as a result of this banning order.

“His daughter attends a leisure centre near his home football ground. She has swimming lessons on a Saturday morning but will have to re-schedule.”

Pollack pleaded guilty to the offence and was banned from attending Plymouth Argyle matches at home and away and any England matches for three years.

He was also fined £80, made to pay £85 court costs and an £80 victim surcharge.

A magistrate told Pollack he would be given full credit for giving an early guilty plea to the offence.