Family pays tribute to to 'loving dad Lee' after teen jailed for eight years for stabbing him

The fiancée of a Bulwell man who died after he was stabbed outside a house partner has described him as her 'soulmate'.

Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:54 pm
Updated Friday, 22nd March 2019, 4:58 pm
Lee Marshall and family.

Lee Marshall, 38, died in June last year after he was stabbed, and later died in hospital despite emergency service attempts to save his life.

After attacker Adam Ward, 18, was today sentenced to eight years in prison for the attack, Mr Marshall's fiancée, Kim,paid tribute in a prepared statement.

She said: "“Prior to the life changing and life ending events of Friday 29 June 2018, Lee and I were a normal, happy, loving family. Lee and I began our relationship during 2007.

All who knew us as a couple would refer to us as inseparable soul mates. Lee meant everything to me. I was proud fiancée to Lee, excited over the arrangements for our wedding cruise planned for 2019. Our wedding and marriage will now never be a reality due to the senseless way Lee was killed. Simply put, Lee was in the wrong place at the wrong time walking our dogs. This thought still shouts at me, its haunting echo piercing in to what I think and feel.

"Lee’s mum, Sharon, spoke of memories concerning the way in which Lee would always make people around him laugh and feel happy with his jokes and his amazing distinctive laugh. During 2018 Lee and I together with our daughters went on a cruise holiday. Lee’s mum and grandmother also came with us.

"“Lee’s grandmother was ill and required the use of a wheelchair. Lee took charge and was her chaperone throughout the entire holiday, helping her on and off the cruise liner and making sure she had food and drinks. Lee made the holiday a happy time for his grandmother – he cheered her up on what was to be her final holiday. She sadly died on 23 May 2018.

“Lee was deeply saddened over the death of his grandmother. I make mention of this due to the death of his father four days prior to the death of his grandmother. Lee’s father’s funeral was on 18 June 2018. Lee’s grandmother’s funeral followed on 19 June. At the funeral Lee was brave and strong for his mother that day. He sat next to her holding her hand in a supportive way.

“During this time Lee was instrumental in bringing the family together. Lee’s elder brother Stephen who had been estranged from his siblings for nearly 20 years recalls how they stood as brothers in arms like nothing had happened as if they had spent the last 20 years side by side. In the words of Stephen Marshall:

“Lee was such a forgiving human being, he didn’t ask for an explanation regarding my estrangement we hugged it out and talked about how amazing it was going to be making up for lost years. Lee had been the rock of the family for a long time, supporting all that carried the Marshall name. Friends and family were everything to Lee. Neither of us not for a second thought that amazing summer month of June would end so tragically.”