FOREST TOWN: Turtle stolen in burglary

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A pet turtle has been stolen in burglary in Forest Town, police have revealed.

The yellow-crested turtle was taken from its tank when thieves raided his owner’s home in Rushpool Close.

The burglary took place overnight between 5.30pm on Sunday 12th and 8.45am on Monday 13th January.

As well as the turtle, a small safe containing jewellery, several rings, cash and a watch were taken.The rings included a platinum gold engagement ring with a white diamond, and a platinum gold ring with cluster of diamonds as well as a ring bearing the name MUM set with black stones.

Detective Constable Andre Bak said “A turtle is an unusual item to steal and one that might raise a few eyebrows should the offender tries to sell it.

“We are asking anyone who saw the burglary or anything unusual in the area around this time to get in touch with us or Crimestoppers.

“I’d also like to remind everyone reading this to take time to review their home security. Don’t give burglars an easy ride and do what you can to prevent yourselves from becoming a victim of burglary.

“Outdoor security lights which come on automatically when they detect movement may act as a deterrent, and residents are reminded to keep side gates bolted to prevent burglars gaining access to the rear of the property.”