Guest columnist Inspector Nick Butler on cutting car key crime

Inspection Nick Butler.
Inspection Nick Butler.

It has proven to be a very busy start to the year with a spike in house burglaries being our main priority in 2015.

We saw an increase in the number of what we call 
‘car key burglaries’ in 

These offences are 
committed when the 
offender breaks into the house and then steals the car keys in order to then take the motor vehicle.

It sounds complicated but in most cases the front door is left unlocked and the keys are usually left in a coat 
pocket or hung up in the hallway.

I am pleased to say that we have had a number of 
significant breakthroughs which resulted in several suspects being arrested, charged and immediately remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison.

Since these arrests in early March, the offences have virtually stopped but we need to remain vigilant and follow three key steps.

Number one, don’t leave your door unlocked. This makes the burglar’s job far too easy and reduces the chances of them being caught.

Number two, don’t leave your car keys in a place which makes them easy to find.

If you don’t have a safe please consider hiding 

Finally, we still need to hear from you if you see anything suspicious in your neighbourhood.

Please call us on the 101 number and let us know what you see.

If possible, make a mental note of the person starting from the top of the head working down to the feet and if it’s a vehicle note the registration number.

As always, thank you for your support and help in catching these offenders. We have reduced house burglary by 35 per cent in Hucknall in the past 12 months which means more than 80 fewer victims of crime.

All types of crime are also down by eight per cent which is 180 fewer victims of crime in the Hucknall area. 
This has been a team effort with all the partners in the Ashfield district.