History of policing is focus for new website

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Policing in our area is about to get a historical focus after Nottinghamshire Police decided to develop a new part to the force website.

The constabulary is currently putting together a new section which will explore how policing in Nottinghamshire has evolved since the 1800s.

The force is asking for the help of the public, by contributing their own photos, so the site can be regularly updated.

Joanne Hall, public engagement manager, said: “We have been developing a new website for Nottinghamshire Police and have held a series of focus groups with staff, organisations and members of the public to establish what people would like to see in the new-look site.

“The one piece of feedback that came back from every single focus group was people saying they would like to see is a history page.

“We also used social media a lot to consult with the public, and people said just the same, so we know people are really interested in the history of the force.”

The constabulary would be interested in receiving old photographs from readers, showing policing around Ashfield, to help them build and develop the site.

It could be a photo of a relative who used to be a police officer or a special constable, pictured in their uniform, or an image of a large-scale policing event, Joanne said.

The site could also include images of some of the major historical events to involve Nottinghamshire Police, including the Miners’ Strike in 1984-5, and the arrest of Donald Neilson, the Black Panther, in 1975.

Nottinghamshire Constabulary was established in 1840, absorbing Retford Borough Police in 1841 and Newark Borough Police in 1947. In 1968 in amalgamated with Nottingham City Police, briefly becoming Nottinghamshire Combined Constabulary, before finally being renamed Nottinghamshire Police in 1974.

If you would like to submit an image, scan it and send it digitally to website@nottinghamshire.pnn.police.uk. Include your name, phone number, a summary of the story behind the photo, who or what is shown in the image, when the photo was taken, where it was taken, who took the photo, and whether you would like to be credited.

By emailing your image, you are giving your consent for it to be published on our website.

At this time, Nottinghamshire Police is unable to accept hard copy photographs.

Pictured are members of the former roads policing team, based in Ollerton.