Hucknall man jailed after stealing from two elderly people in separate incidents

A Hucknall man has been jailed after robbing one pensioner and breaking into another's home.

Paul Rodgers, 36, of Cherry Avenue, Hucknall admitted the offences and was sentenced today at Nottingham Crown Court. He was jailed for two years and nine months for burglary and three years for robbery to be served consecutively.

Paul Rodgers

Paul Rodgers

The first incident happened on August 3 2018 on Plane Tree Court in Hucknall, when a 90-year-old woman returned home from a shopping trip and noticed her house had been burgled.

A number of rings had been stolen, including a gold 18ct wedding band, a 8ct wedding band and a gold dress ring.

Rodgers was identified through forensic examination.

The second incident happened on March 1 2019 at Hucknall Town Centre when Rodgers approached a 78-year-old man who had just visited a cashpoint and withdrawn £100 cash.

Rodgers reached over whilst the man got back into his mobility scooter and snatched the money from him stealing the cash.

Detective Sergeant David Prest: “Rodgers targeted some of the most vulnerable people in our community.

“We are pleased with today’s sentence and we hope that the victims of the heartless crimes have some comfort that Rodgers is now locked up.”