Hucknall man jailed for 32 months after grooming schoolgirl on Skype


A Hucknall man has been jailed for sexually grooming and abusing a 13-year-old schoolgirl on the internet.

His offences were described as “every parent’s nightmare” by Judge Michael Stokes at Nottingham Crown Court.

Paedophile Martyn Davy (25), of Queen Street, persuaded the girl to take off her clothes while they were chatting on Skype via webcams on their laptops.

They both exposed themselves and engaged in sexual activity, which Davy recorded and made into two movies, the court heard.

During their 14-week ‘relationship’, the pair never actually met in person. But the police got involved when the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told friends at school she was receiving sexual text-messages from a man.

Police officers seized the pair’s laptops for analysis, and traced their Skype logs, the court heard.

When Davy was arrested, he was also found to have downloaded 4,380 indecent images of children, aged between five and 15, which he had amassed over a four-year period.

Davy pleaded guilty to four charges relating to online sexual activity with a child between 8th January and 22nd April 2013, during which time the girl turned 14, and to three charges relating to the making of indecent images between 1st August 2009 and 1st December 2013.

Judge Stokes sentenced him to a total of 32 months, placed him on the sex offenders’ register for life and banned him from any contact with females under the age of 16.

Dawn Pritchard (prosecuting) told the court that the pair met on the Internet after the girl set up an account on the adult-dating site, Flirt, claiming she was 19 and posting photos of her face and her breasts.

“Davy popped up and said hello,” said Miss Pritchard. “She quickly told him her real age, but they started talking to each other via webcams on Skype.

“She was on her laptop in her bedroom. There was an element of grooming. He asked to see her naked.

“He told her he fancied her and wanted them to meet up and have sexual intercourse. But she always made excuses, even when it was suggested that they go ice-skating.

“They progressed to texting each other. She sent him about ten photos of her in her underwear, and he said she was gorgeous and beautiful.”

In a police interview, Davy said he couldn’t recall being told the girl’s age and felt she had looked 18 or 19, the court heard. His sexual interest was in older women, not girls, he had claimed.

Miss Pritchard said that when the police interviewed the girl, she was “somewhat embarrassed and reluctant”.

“She wasn’t angry with Davy, but was more angry with herself for agreeing to do what he asked,” she continued.

“She thought he liked her. She now knows he used her.

“She is scared because she is being bullied at school and being called names. She is receiving support and just wants the whole matter finished.”