Hucknall online sex offender was ‘every parent’s nightmare’, says judge

Nottingham Crown Court.
Nottingham Crown Court.

Martyn Davy was the kind of online sex-offender feared by every mum, every dad and every schoolteacher up and down the country, Judge Michael Stokes told Nottingham Crown Court.

“This is the sort of activity that is every parent’s nightmare, yet it is taking place on an enormous scale,” Judge Stokes said as he sent Davy to prison.

“It is also the concern of every governor of every school in this country, including primary schools.

“It is well established, in this sex-obsessed society, that immature, young girls are easily led astray by older men. And with modern technology, it is much easier to do.

“It is virtually impossible for any parent to monitor their child’s behaviour 24 hours a day. But there are always people online ready to exploit their naivety and immaturity.”

Judge Stokes described Davy’s actions as “exploitative behaviour” and “sustained activity over a period of time”.

“You gained access to adult pornography and then turned to child pornography,” he told him. “You were busy downloading this sort of material for some years, going back to 2009.

“You then went to an adult dating site and, by coincidence, a 13-year-old girl was also a member. She was pretending to be 19, but you quickly became aware she was much younger.

“This sort of activity amounts to abuse of a child for your own sexual gratification. No-one is pretending you had genuine affection for her.”

Matthew Smith (defending) said Davy, a man of previous good character, first turned to porn at a period in his life when he was “having a rough time”.

“His parents had separated, his father had moved abroad and his mother had attempted suicide,” said Mr Smith.

“He had also split with his girlfriend, and he was feeling isolated.

“He has difficulty comprehending why he behaved in this way. It escalated from viewing images to willingly engaging in sexual contact and behaviour with a young girl.

“However, he is not seeking to distance himself from this. He knows it was wrong.

“He is thoroughly ashamed of himself.”

After reading a probation report on Davy, the judge added: “Your life at the time explains your behaviour to some degree, but it does not justify what you did. This was not an isolated lapse.

“Anyone who behaves like this towards a 13-year-old girl has got to know that imprisonment will follow, just as night follows day.”