Hucknall Police Inspector Nick Butler reports on the record low rate of crime for this year

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We have just concluded our review of the last 12 months and I am pleased to say we have achieved record reductions in crime.

Our performance year runs from April 2014 to April 2015, during that time Hucknall’s crime has been reduced by over seven per cent.

A seven per cent fall accounts for more than 170 fewer victims of crime.

This is doubly impressive in the national context, as crime in most areas is actually increasing.

It is also reassuring to note that crime in the area has been consistently falling for the past five years—and we are now at a record low since crime recording was standardised throughout England and Wales.

With the introduction of the automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) shield around Hucknall, and Operation Packhouse, we have actually achieved a 37 per cent reduction in house burglary.

That means 100 fewer families of this really awful and invasive crime.

Having said all this, I don’t want anyone to give the impression we are complacent.

Far from it, with less money our job is getting more challenging but the motivation, innovation and tenacity of the team has never been greater.

The key to our success remains in getting the right people into the right places at the right times and making sure our plans are effective while at the same time earning your trust.

I hope that over the time that I have been the Local Area Commander in Hucknall we have gone some way to demonstrating our commitment to you all and I can ensure you we will keep up the fight against crime. Thank you for your support.