Huthwaite man in supermarket break-in

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A Huthwaite man smashed the window of a supermarket, climbed inside and stole beer and vodka - because his cash card would not work.

Mansfield Magistrates’ Court was told that Callum Ashley Harvey (20) of Barker Street, broke into the Tesco Extra in Mansfield Road, Sutton, on 7th September at around 1.30am.

Harvey had been drowning his sorrows with a friend following a row between relatives and had gone out to buy more alcohol, the court heard.

He had planned to get money from the cashpoint and go to a late-night garage to buy more drink.

But when the cash machine would not give him any money, Harvey had damaged a window by throwing a bin at it and then climbed inside the store.

Once inside he had helped himself to a case of beer and two bottles of vodka, as well as stumbling into a wine display and breaking a significant number of bottles.

The total loss to tesco was valued at £1,393, the court was told.

Prosecuting, Robert Carr said: “The shop was closed at the time of the incident and Mr Harvey was seen by CCTV attacking the window with a bin.

“Then he went inside the store, stole a case of beer and two bottles of vodka, then knocked over a stack of wine.

“He didn’t tell his friend where the alcohol had come from and when police later visited the friend looking for the defendant, he felt deeply ashamed and handed himself in at the police station.”

Harvey did not have a drink problem, but had got drunk following a row between his mother and grandmother, who he lives with. He was ordered to pay £1,393 in compensation and given 100 hours of unpaid work.