Huthwaite man was twice over the drink-drive limit

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A Huthwaite man has been banned from driving after admitting being caught driving while twice over the limit.

Mansfield magistrates were told how Ellis Machin (22), of Barker Street, was pulled over by police on Priestsic Road in the early hours of 23rd November.

David Miles, prosecuting, said Machin had refused to give a roadside breathe sample but dd so at the police station.

Sarah Sanderson, defending, said the Huthwaite man had not refused, but had been unsuccessful.

“He says he did engage with the procedure but the officer told him what he was doing was not enough for the purpose of the procedure,” said Ms Sanderson.

“Mr Machin had been at a family event - his aunt’s 60th birthday - and had consumed some low-strength lager but believed he left it long enough after drinking to be able to drive, although he was over the limit.

“He states he is not a regular drinker as he enjoys boxing and as part of a training schedule he does not consume alcohol.”

Ms Sanderson said Machin was in full-time employment and as a result would have to sell his car and buy a push-bike to get to and from work.

“This was first driving offence,” she added.

A magistrate said Machin deserved full credit for his early guilty plea.

He was banned for 17 months with a reduction of 18 weeks upon the completion of a drink-drive awareness course.

He was also fined £240 and ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £24 victim surcharge.