Jeremy Corbyn “would consider” Ashfield District Council’s proposals to reclassify spice

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn revealed he would consider Ashfield District Council’s calls for the reclassification of “zombie drug” spice.

Attending a Labour party members event in Annesley Woodhouse, Mr Corbyn suggested that the Labour party would consider supporting calls to reclassify the drug as a Class A to give the police more powers against users and dealers.

Corbyn speaking at a member's event in Annesley.

Corbyn speaking at a member's event in Annesley.

Ashfield District Council unanimously passed a motion to call for the reclassification and has already started to take action against well-known dealers, issuing eviction notices to a number of tenants living in council properties.

Mr Corbyn revealed that shadow home secretary Diane Abbott MP is looking into different options as part of her role in a bid to tackle drug use across the country.

He told your Chad: “We would certainly consider reclassification.

“As part of our team Diane Abbott is looking at a number of different options when it comes to drug use.

“We are looking at the medical use of cannabis, as well as exploring the classification of addiction as a public health issue.

“We are also looking into what the Portuguese government has achieved, because they have had major drug issues in the past.

“So yes, I would be interested in what Ashfield District Council has proposed.”

The motion was proposed by the Ashfield Independents group on the council, with leader Councillor Jason Zadrozny believing action needs to be taken immediately.

Spice is a psychoactive drug which leaves users in a 'zombie-like' state.

Spice is a psychoactive drug which leaves users in a 'zombie-like' state.

However, Labour members supported the motion in its passing “in the name of harmony”,

Speaking at the meeting, Coun Zadrozny said: “I am glad we have got some harmony on the issue of spice, because it has been the issue causing the most disruption across Ashfield in recent months.

“It is not fair that the people using spice in our streets are causing so much havoc to the extent where it is putting people off coming into Sutton or into Kirkby.

“I think members of the Labour group can sympathise with me saying this issue is all about working ‘for the many and not for the few’. There are 120,000 residents in Ashfield and about 40 people are making a nuisance.

“It should not be the case that people in our district feel too scared to come into town just because there isn’t enough action being taken to curb spice use on our streets.”

Ashfield District Council has since started evicting known spice dealers from their council properties in a bid to take a stand against dealing.

The council leader said this tough action is “necessary” and that any action must be taken to deter spice use - even turning known dealers homeless.

He added: “If these offenders do end up homeless they have lots of time before hand to find a property.

“It is awful but ultimately we have a greater responsibility to those people who suffering from anti-social behaviour.

“They have been making money selling drugs to vulnerable people, and we need to take a stand against this.”