Kirkby man jailed for assaults and theft

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A Kirkby man has been jailed for 150 days after admitting two assaults and the theft of property worth £1,150.

Mansfield magistrates were told how Jade Daffin (26), of Central Avenue, had assaulted his mother and his partner on two separate occasions this year.

Robert Carr, prosecuting, said the first assault occurred in March when Daffin was seen outside Kingsway Stores, Kirkby, standing over his partner and shouting at her.

The store owners decided to call police when Daffin chased her back inside the store, put her in a headlock and yanked her phone off her, shouting, ‘you are not calling the police on me.’

Daffin was also seen putting his hands around his partner’s neck outside by several witnesses.

The second assault against his mother happened in July.

Said Mr Carr: “Mr Daffin demanded money from his mother at her home address. She refused so he pulled her hair and head-butted her.

“After the incident she reported it and the police returned to arrest him.”

Louisa Treharne, defending, told the court how the officer who had attended Daffin’s mother’s address had been unable to find any marks when she asked him to examine her injuries.

She added: “Daffin accepted there had been an argument over food because his partner was hungry.”

Daffin had also admitted the theft of several mountain bikes and motorbike accessories from a residential garage in February this year but Ms Treharne said he had acted merely as a lookout during the burglary to pay off a drug debt.

He was given 60 days custody for the March assault, 60 for the July assault and 30 for the burglary.