"Knocked-out" reveller flouted cop's order in Mansfield

Clumber Street, Mansfield
Clumber Street, Mansfield

A Derbyshire man who ignored a police order to leave Mansfield town centre had been knocked out by his friend earlier in the evening.

Dean Evans was told to leave the town centre for 24 hours after fighting with his mate on Clumber Street, at 2.10am, on August 3.

But 20 minutes later he was seen back on Clumber Street, said prosecutor Sarah Sanderson.

"He said he had an argument with a friend and didn't have the money for a taxi," she said.

"He didn't realise he was walking back to the location he was barred."

The court heard he has six convictions for nine offences, and on April 15, he received a conditional discharge for criminal damage and shoplifting.

He was on court bail for a trial in Chesterfield at the time

Treve Lander, mitigating, said: "This was only the third time he had been to Mansfield. He said he knocked out during an altercation with his friend.

"He wasn't being deliberately irritating. He only had £14 in his pocket and the only way he can get home is to walk. His elbow was injured in the altercation."

Evans, 23, of Western Avenue, Swanwick, admitted failing to comply with a section 35 direction and breaching the order, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates

He was fined £100, and ordered to pay a £32 government surcharge and £85 costs.

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