Last resort for desperate alcoholic

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A drunken Mansfield man called a police officer abusive names and spat in his face in an attempt to get arrested, town magistrates were told.

Robert Carr, prosecuting, told the court how Michael Linford (28), of Watson Street, was approached by the officer outside Mansfield Police Station after being reported as drunk and abusive.

Said Mr Carr: “He called the officer an idiot and said he wanted to get arrested.

“He then said after he had finished his cigarette he was going to get arrested.”

The officer had to use a sterile swab to wipe the spittle from his face and Linford was duly detained.

Donna Purseglove, defending, said after being handed a suspended prison sentence Linford had made efforts to get back on the right track.

But she added: “Unfortunately, he met up with his ex-partner and she became pregnant.

“Mr Linford said although he enjoyed a drink, she would buy alcohol on a daily basis and ultimately he ended up going to prison.”

Ms Purseglove said just before the above incident Linford had received some upsetting news about his daughter, who had now been adopted and consumed a large quantity of alcohol.

She said Linford had then had blacked out with fits and was rushed to hospital and was told if he did not solve his alcohol problem he would not live much longer.

Linford had begged to be allowed to stay in hospital to detox but was refused and resorted to assaulting a police officer in order to get the help he needed.

She added: “He is still a young man who desperately needs help.”

Linford’s case was adjourned until 1st August pending a probation report.