Latest figures: The seven worst Hucknall streets for crime - is yours on the list?

Here are seven Hucknall streets with the highest number of recorded crimes in March 2024, according to Police UK figures.

The data used in this list is from – the national website for policing in England – and covers the most recent available figures for Nottinghamshire Police, which are for March 2024.

See for additional breakdowns of crime figures per area.

The data states that crimes have been reported ‘on or near’ a specific street.

The information used here is correct at the time of publication on Friday, May 17, 2024.

According to recently released data, there were 316 reported crimes in Hucknall in March 2024.

Over 80 of these were related to shoplifting, while more than 70 were categorised as violence and sexual offences.

Here are seven streets identified as having the most reported crimes (in March 2024).