LETTER: Money for police IS available - just not where it matters

Police budgets have come under pressure
Police budgets have come under pressure

So there are less traffic police in our area than ever before. Supposedly due to cutbacks.

Surely we should not be cutting back in such an important area? If there is no money available then how did the government find the obscene amount of money to fund police commissioners and all their staff, money for pen pushers but not on the ground?

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LETTER: Keep police on the beat

All this new housing, bringing in more taxes that is not going where it is needed, but always plenty for sending abroad, clean needles and Methadone for people have no intention of getting clean, millions spent on interpreters and solicitors to get criminals off their crimes, the list is endless.

We need a party who has common sense, and good accounting skills, which the two main parties sadly do not possess.

Mrs Thomas

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