LETTER: Speed camera locations feel like a set up

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In response to Mr V Jennings’ call for more speed cameras, I have to disagree with the opinion that they are for safety and not money raising.

From my perspective, they are NOT positioned in areas of road traffic incidents, as we are led to believe they should be, and are generally in areas where the most revenue can be gained.

Wide, busy roads where the uninitiated feel sure they are in a 40 zone yet the limit has been set to 30, or just after a drop down change in speed or when driving down hill. It almost feels a set up.

I’m not a speeder, more like Driving Miss Daisy, and I’ve never had a speeding ticket, but I still feel like this. If speed was the issue, why isn’t there more investment in signs to show the limit? Perhaps that would drop revenue, even though it has the potential to inform?

I’ve also many times seen a speeder zoom at illegal speeds that have astounded me, only to see them brake at the right time, because they know where the cameras are.

The problem is unfortunately people, and the type of people that will never change. The sadness is that generally it’s the law abiding, conscientious majority who are affected and have to pick up the pieces of their actions.


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