M1 Junction 27 police crackdown on ‘Car Cruisers’

POLICE have launched a new crackdown on ‘car cruisers’ congregating in the Dispatch district.

Otherwise known as ‘boy racers’, the owners of souped-up cars show them off and ‘tear up and down’ in the vehicles.

Their favourite meeting places include Hucknall bypass and junction 27 of the M1 at Annesley, giving rise to strong complaints by nearby residents.

In a report to Hucknall Partnership Group, Sgt Simon Scales pointed out that a dispersal order was introduced at the beginning of this month and would continue until the end of October.

He explained that the ‘cruisers’ would be asked to leave and if they failed to do so, they would face arrest and possible prosecution.

“Word will get around and hopefully have a positive effect in dealing with the problem,” said Sgt Scales.