Man jailed after smashing a car window and punching a man in a road rage attack

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A man has been jailed for four months after he admitted smashing a car window and punching the driver in an alcohol fuelled road rage attack on a public road in Sutton.

Jason Willcox, 22 of Young Crescent, Sutton pleaded guilty to assault and criminal damage when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates’ court on Wednesday.

Magistrates heard Willcox had been a passenger in a car and had participated allegedly alongside his brother Andrew, in attacks which caused £1,200 damage to a Vauxhall Corsa on Outram Street, Sutton on July 4th.

Magistrates were told there had been problems between Andrew Willcox and the complainant Connor Wright.

There had been a chance meeting of cars and Jason - and allegedly his brother- got out of their vehicle to confront the complainant.

Jason Willcox admitted he smashed the front window of the Corsa and punched the complainant twice.

But he denied allegations of throwing bottles at the car and pulling the complainant out of the car and threatening him.

Willcox said he had been under the influence of alcohol and other substances at the time of the attack.

There was a history with the victim and the brothers and he had been annoyed with him.

He said he had not realised his victim would have been as scared as he was.

Magistrates told Jason Willcox the event had happened in public witnessed by other people and he had no reason to get involved at all.

The lead magistrate told him:”These actions were part of group actions, pursuing the injured party and causing criminal damage, as well as physical injury to your victim.

Willcox was sentenced to three months for the assault and one month for the criminal damage, to run consecutively.

He was told he would be supervised for 12 months following his sentence.

He was ordered to pay £150 court charge and £80 victim surcharge.

Andrew Willcox, 20 appeared in court at the same time as his brother charged with causing criminal damage, driving without a licence and without insurance. He made no plea and his case will be heard at Nottingham Crown Court on September 16.