Man jailed following breach

Anti-social behavoir in flats above shops on Broomhill Road, Hucknall.
Anti-social behavoir in flats above shops on Broomhill Road, Hucknall.

A Hucknall resident has been sent to prison for 28 days after breaching a council-led injunction-a first for the county.

Following a barrage of continued anti-social behaviour and criminal activity on Broomhill Road, Ashfield District Council successfully obtained an injunction against Christopher Johnston (34) on 14th April.

The injunction placed a number of conditions on Johnston, which included restricting his access on Broomhill Road, preventing him from threatening residents and acting in an anti-social way.

But Johnston was arrested by police after they found him in the exclusion zone and a judge jailed him for 28 days for breaching the terms of the injunction.

“This case demonstrates the council’s commitment to supporting residents who suffer from anti-social behaviour,” said Ashfield District Council’s service director, Edd deCoverly.

“Where necessary we will take enforcement action to bring respite - as we did in this case.

“The outcome is testament to the hard work of officers within the council and of our close and effective working relationship with Nottinghamshire Police.

“Individuals are given ample opportunity to avoid court interventions, and therefore while these should be unnecessary, we are not afraid to use them,” added Mr deCoverly. “The sentence shows that the courts do take breaches of injunctions seriously.”

Hucknall Police chiefs say they are also pleased with the impact of the injunction.

“This shows an excellent partnership approach towards tackling anti-social behaviour,” said Insp Nick Butler. “Injunctions like this will act to protect the local community and provide us with the ability to arrest and detain people who breach clear instructions given by the courts.

“Often this action is a last resort and follows a lot of work in changing someone’s behaviour but if people don’t conform we take fuurthe action.”