Man jailed for attack on mother


A Mansfield Woodhouse drug-user has been jailed for a savage attack on his mother, in which he threatened to behead her with a knife.

Jamie Andrew Meek assaulted his mother at the house they shared after he had been out on a drinks and drugs binge, Mansfield Magistrates’ Court heard.

Meek (29) banged his mother’s head repeatedly on a wall then continued to assault her when she fell to the floor, the court heard on Wednesday 5th November.

The attack took place on 23rd July after the mother challenged her son about his drugs use. Meek was arrested after a neighbour called the police.

Meek had moved into the rented property with his mother after his ten-year relationship came to an end.

He was also suffering from depression after having given up his job and had started using amphetamine again - a drug he had first become addicted to as a teenager, the court heard.

Defending, Yvonne Wragg said that Meek had taken methadone for the past eight years to keep him off heroin and had held down a steady job and a relationship.

She added that he had been forced to give up work when his firm moved to Leicester, and his marriage had broken down because he told his wife that he didn’t want children.

His mother had also taken Meek back following the attack and did not want him to go to prison, the court heard.

Sentencing Meek to 18-months in jail, District Judge Diane Baker said: “This is the most appalling breach of trust on your mother after a weekend of drink and drugs and you threatened to take her head off with a knife.

“Immediate custody is the only sentence I can impose in this case.”