Mansfield man gets ‘walking on the spot’ fine

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A drunken man who police told to go home mocked them by walking on the spot, a court was told.

Jonathan Mark Herd did not comply when police told him to go home after he was found drunk and shouting in the street, even after they drove him to a taxi rank.

Herd 22 of Cheriton Close Mansfield, pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court to failing to comply with a direction given to him under Section 35 of the Anti Social Behaviour Crime and Policing Act.

Herd was shouting and acting in an intoxicated manner on Leeming Street, on May 30 at 10pm, when he was issued with the notice.

The prosecution said Herd, who had been calm at one point and angry the next, had been told to go home several times.

He was eventually taken to a taxi rank in a police vehicle.

A taxi had refused to let Herd in and he was again told to go home.

He had then mockingly ‘walked on the spot’ and failed to leave.

Defending himself, Herd said he had not been read his rights when the notice was served on him.

He had been told to go home once when he was given the order and once again as he stood waiting for a taxi.

He had not been walking on the spot but had been hopping as he tried to fasten his shoe lace.

The lead magistrate told him:”You need to recognise policing in the town centre at night when people are in drink all over the place is a very difficult job.”

He was fined £160, with £85 court costs a £20 victim surcharge and a £150 court charge.