Mansfield man's attack on partner revealed drug farm

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Latest court news...

A Mansfield man who attacked his partner after a night of boozing was found to be growing cannabis when police were called, a court heard.

Jake Nelson and his girlfriend argued in a Mansfield Woodhouse pub when she accused him of sniffing cocaine, but he persuaded her to come back with him in the early hours of February 10.

When he went to grab her she pushed him away, because she was scared and "knew what was about to happen," said prosecutor Robert Carr.

"He grabbed her by the hair and pushed her to the floor and kicked her in the ribs six to eight times.

"He grabbed her hood which started to strangle her and she said she couldn't breathe."

When he let her go, five minutes later, she ran into the back garden and tried to jump over the gate, but she was pulled to the floor by Nelson.

He pushed the left side of her face into the wall and she began screaming for help.

"He kicked her anywhere he could," said Mr Carr.

When he asked her to come inside, she ran through to the front door and escaped to a friend's house, and the police were called.

The court heard she drank about six pints, while he drank three times as much.

Officers found six cannabis plants when they were called to the address.

The court heard their 18-month relationship ran into trouble after four months, and she had been assaulted prior to this.

The woman was left with bruising to her eye, reddening to her back and grazes to her side.

Probation officer Mark Burton said Nelson's behaviour was "fuelled by jealousy and, to a lesser extent, alcohol."

"He said the violence wasn't as extensive as the victim states," he said, adding past arguments had been caused by suspicions about each other's fidelity.

Mr Burton said Nelson admitted having a former cocaine habit, but denied that drugs played a part on that night, and tested negative for them at the police station.

He said the cannabis plants were grown to pay off a debt, and for Nelson's own use.

The self-employed shop-fitter told magistrates: "I am just very sorry. I do believe I am a reformed character."

Nelson, 27, of Ratcliffe Gate, was found guilty of the assault after a trial, and admitted producing the Class B drug, on February 20.

He was given a total of 18 weeks in prison, suspended for 18 months, with 31 sessions of a building better relationships programme, and ten days of rehabilitation to tackle his drug use and coping skills.

He was ordered to pay costs of £620, with £250 compensation, and a £115 government surcharge.

A two-year restraining order, banning him from the Northfield area of Mansfield Woodhouse, was also imposed.