Mansfield man's drunken anger with cops "like moth to a flame"

Burlington Drive, Mansfield
Burlington Drive, Mansfield

A Mansfield man who shouts abuse at police officers when he's drunk told magistrates he is "like a moth to the flame".

Police were called to reports of a man banging on doors and windows on Burlington Drive, where they found Michael Bolton being abusive, at 7.40pm, on October 21.

""What the f*** do you want you retard?" he shouted," said prosecutor Neil Hollett, adding that Bolton had been in court a week earlier for an identical offence.

Bolton, who was unrepresented, said: "I am still pretty angry, I was two doors away from my girlfriend's. The police accused me of doing something I hadn't done.

"I am like a moth to the flame. I always call them a bunch of retarded t**** who can't do their jobs properly."

He told magistrates he had no problem with alcohol but was angry because he was trying to get access to his children through the family courts.

"I think I have an anger problem," he said. "Every time I see the police I am up in their faces. But on that particular night they came to me."

Bolton, 40, of Broxtowe Drive, admitted being drunk and disorderly, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

He was advised to speak to a voluntary organisation for help. He was fined £80 and ordered to pay a £32 surcharge.

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