Mansfield stab husband: community order possible

A pensioner from Mansfield who attacked his wife with a knife and a pair of scissors will finally learn his fate next month.

Morris Joseph Poismans (68), stabbed 67-year-old wife Margaret 30 times in a frenzied assault at their home on Sunday 25th November back in 2012.

She sustained wounds to her head, mouth, back and larynx, and was so badly injured that one of her eyes had to be removed.

After spending the last 16 months on remand in custody, Poismans, of The Patchills, off Eakring Road, was due to be sentenced when he appeared at Nottingham Crown Court on Friday.

Poismans was originally charged with attempted murder, which he denied. But the prosecution agreed to a downgraded charge of unlawful wounding, to which he pleads guilty.

But the case was adjourned after the findings of a psychiatrist’s report. Now Judge Gregory Dickinson QC has promised that the matter will be resolved on Wednesday 9th April.

The main recommendation of the report was that Poismans was not suitable for a hospital order, and should instead be given a community penalty.

However, Mr Evans pointed out this meant Poismans would have nowhere to go or live once released from custody.

His wife did not want him back, and she even feared she would have to sell her home if he was released into the community again.

Also, a previous offer of accommodation for him with one of his two adult children had now been withdrawn.

At an earlier hearing, it was disclosed that Poismans, who is known as Joe, suffered from vascular dementia and paranoia after suffering a stroke in April 2012.

The day before the attack, he had had two epileptic seizures and had been taken to hospital to receive medication before being released and returning home.

Because of his condition, Home Office psychiatrists had deduced that they could not be certain he intended to kill or cause serious harm to his wife.

Judge Dickinson told the court: “Mrs Poismans suffered the most dreadful and permanent injuries.

“A terrible thing happened, and it is important to ensure nothing like this will ever happen again.”