Mansfield teen ‘over the moon’ as bike is returned

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The mother of a teenager who suffers from Asperger’s Syndrome has said he is ‘over the moon’ that his stolen bike has been returned.

Fourteen-year-old Callum Bowers was left heartbroken when his mountain bike was stolen from West Notts College’s Station Park campus in Kirkby on 13th June.

Mum, Maxine Bowers, immediately issued a heartfelt plea via the Chad for the Carrera Valour bike’s return, which sparked an outpouring of support for the grief-stricken lad by readers on Facebook.

But the bike was returned last week when Maxine saw it being ridden at Asda, Sutton, and alerted police, who followed the suspect and seized the bike.

Maxine (31), of Mansfield, said: “Callum is so happy - he did not think he was going to get the bike back.

“I cannot thank everybody enough for their support on Facebook - it was amazing how they all got behind us.”

Immediately after the theft, she told Chad: “He is really upset. His bike was his pride and joy and he is always out on it. Without it he is just stuck in the house and he will not walk anywhere.

“We just want the bike back - I would like to ask whoever took it just to leave it somewhere safe so we can go and pick it up.”

The Chad appeal prompted anger at the thieves and sympathy for Callum in equal measure on Facebook.

Julie Christine Hillsley said: “Poor lad. My two boys have both had their bikes nicked in past - it’s disgusting. They don’t know or care how upset the kids are.”

One reader, Tim Charles Dallison, even offered to donate his own bike if Callum’s was not found.

He said: “I had this happen to me when I was a kid and it broke my heart! If the bike doesn’t turn up I will give him mine.”

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said officers located the bike after being alerted by a member of the public.