Mansfield: Top cop’s pledge on town

Chief inspector Paul Winter picks up an award for his long service.
Chief inspector Paul Winter picks up an award for his long service.

One of Mansfield’s top cops, Paul Winter, has targeted ‘further improvement’ in the town’s policing after being handed an award for his long service.

The chief inspector was recognised for his 21 years in the county’s police force during a ceremony held at the Albert Hall, Nottingham.

“We have had some fantastic results and developed staff in the five years since I have been here,” he said. “Hopefully the people of Mansfield and Ashfield feel they are living in a safer place.

“A lack of criticism is a compliment and when we are not getting that criticism so much it gives you confidence you are getting it right.

“When I came here there was a sense that it took us too long to react to the information and intelligence we received.

“I think the reaction is better and quicker now and there is more evidence of getting warrants and getting out and arresting people.

“The challenge against a background of budget difficulties is to maintain or further improve the service, but that remains the aim.”

Mr Winter started out based in Nottingham City Centre and covered the Bestwood Estate, where he went to school, as a bobby on the beat.

He was later promoted to detective in CID before taking on the role as a city centre inspector before moving to Mansfield as chief inspector.

Mr Winter picked out as one of his highlights the successful investigation he led which saw a man who escaped from Lincoln prison later arrested in London.

He has also been pleased with his achievements in tackling night time economy issues in first Nottingham and then in north Notts.

Mr Winter added: “The work I did in Nottingham, where we took robust action against some premises, has allowed me to pass on relevant experiences to staff in Mansfield.”