MANSFIELD: Warning over ‘smart’ car thieves

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Thieves in Mansfield are using high-tech devices to unlock vehicles and steal valuables from inside, police have revealed.

Three vehicles were broken into on Sunday 29th December without any damage to the cars, following a similar spate in Forest Town earlier in the month.

Following a trend seen across the country it is thought the thieves are using gadgets which can remotely unlock car doors and disable alarm systems.

Once a car has been unlocked, it takes these thieves just a few moments to take what they want before leaving without a trace.

Motorists are being urged to take care of their possessions and avoid leaving any valuables inside the vehicle.

In one incident at 12.20pm on Sunday 29th December a sat-nav, a head torch and two pairs of binoculars, were stolen from a car parked outside a home in Bryony Way, Mansfield Woodhouse. There was no sign of forced entry.

Nottinghamshire Police’s Detective Inspector Phil Sims said: “A lot of people will have had new sat-navs for Christmas or even laptops and new handbags. Please do not leave these in your cars.

“This is a relatively new method of car crime and we are doing everything we can to stop it and to track down the offenders responsible. My advice for now is to ensure there is nothing of value for thieves to steal.”

If you are a car owner, always avoid leaving your belongings in your vehicle, even if they are in the boot, and always ensure that you car is locked and secure, police advised.

When possible, park in an open and well lit area and leave your glove box open to show that there is nothing in there.

Avoid tempting thieves by removing even items that you think are of no value. Even something as simple as a coat could be enough to tempt someone to break in.