Mansfield woman admits being the owner of a dog ‘dangerously out of control’


An out of control dog which bit a woman as it attacked her pet causing it to be put down has escaped a death sentence.

Mansfield magistrates heard how a Boxer dog belonging to Jennie Walker of Mansfield Road ran loose sinking its teeth into the Labrador outside her house on May 15.

Walker, 40 of admitted being the owner of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury when she appeared in court on Wednesday.

The court heard the woman was walking with her mother and the dog when the attack happened at 3pm.

The Boxer ran from Walker’s garden and bit into the Labrador’s neck.

As the woman tried to separate them it bit into her wrist.

The horrified defendant had to use a rake to separate the animals from each other.

Walker drove them to the vets but the Labrador’s injuries were so severe it had to be put to sleep.

The dog’s owner had to be treated at King’s Mill hospital for her injuries.

Mother of three Walker said she had been mowing her lawn with her dog ‘watching the world go by’ as usual. It chased the The Labrador after it came up her steps.

The attack had been entirely out of character for her usually docile dog.

The court imposed a contingent destruction order with the condition the Boxer be kept properly under control and muzzled in a public place.

Walker was fined £300 and ordered to pay vet bills of £219.79 costs of £85, £200 compensation and court cost charges of £180.