Mansfield woman launched violent attack in civic centre fracas

Mansfield Civic Centre
Mansfield Civic Centre

A Mansfield woman who launched a violent attack on members of the public and police officers in the town's civic centre also spat at a district judge in court.

Kirsty Godson "had been trying to sort out benefits" when she punched a member of the public, then head-butted a neighbourhood warden causing injuries to their face and nose.

Police were called to the centre on Chesterfield Road South, at around 12.45pm, on November 6, said prosecutor Michael Treharne.

Godson hid in the toilets, where she bit the finger of a female officer, spat at, and kicked the face of another officer, and damaged his body-worn camera.

They went to hospital for tetanus and hepatitis injections.

"She was shouting abuse - "Come on then you f****** b**** - bring it on. I don't give a f*** if I hurt you - you hurt me."" said Mr Treharne.

The court also heard how Godson attacked her former landlord, while demanding money which she claimed he owed her, after her release from prison, on March 20.

Godson banged on the windows of the Peugeot van, when she saw her ex-landlord in the passenger seat, while waiting in traffic on Westfield Lane.

"He wasn't particularly shocked - he expects some bad behaviour," said Mr Treharne.

"The door was yanked open and he was punched in the face. She scratched and gouged the length of his face.

""If I don't get my f****** money I will get someone to kill you,"" she said.

She then sank her teeth into the man's forearm and "latched on to him with her teeth."

At Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday, Godson interrupted Mr Treharne's account of the attack, and when district judge Andrew Meachin told her to be quiet, she said:

"Call yourself a man? You're a f****** p****" and spat through the glass screen of the dock.

Godson, 47, of Hollington Way, admitted assault by beating, two counts of assault by beating an emergency worker and criminal damage, on November 6, and assault occasioning actual bodily harm and criminal damage, on March 20.

She was charged with contempt of court and later returned to the court to apologise.

"I apologise, I am sorry," she said.

"I have read the mental health report, and you clearly have issues," the judge said. "On this occasion I will purge the contempt."

Godson was remanded into custody until November 28, when she will be sentenced at Nottingham Crown Court.

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