Motorbikes at risk of theft

Insp. Nick Butler.
Insp. Nick Butler.

Tackling the current flurry of vehicle crime and burglaries is the current challenge of Hucknall police.

Despite crime figures keeping the Ashfield South division top of the cops across the county, the team are not being complacent and continue to try and drive figures down further.

A spate of house burglaries across Hucknall and the Selston area as well as a number of motorcycle thefts have prompted the police to tackle the issue head-on but they are asking the public to be vigilant and act to prevent crime from happening.

“There have been a number of motorcycles stolen in recent weeks with and without chains,” said Insp Nick Butler. “Unless you fit very substantail chains to your bikes they could still be taken. Standard bicycle locks are not stopping the thieves.”

Insp Butler also advised owners to put their bikes out of view wherever possible in sheds, garages or outbuildings.

“It seems it is the smaller 50-125cc bikes which are being taken as they can be wheeled away easily.”

“I also want to ask the public to report any suspicious activity with strangers walking down driveways as I have officers on patrol ready to be deployed .”

There has also been a number of house burglaries and with the warmer weather I want to ask residents to be mindful about open windows,” added Insp Butler.

“And we want to know about anyone peddling goods door to door without a licence as we will prosecute.”

To report an incident call 101 or Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555 111.