MP and PCC in ASB action

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Nottinghamshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner and Ashfield’s MP have joined forces to talk to Kirkby residents about anti-social behaviour problems on their street.

Paddy Tipping and Gloria De Piero visited Alfred Street on Friday to hear about the problems that residents there are having.

Two people who live on the street - Lisa Marie Young (33) and Paul Glenn Turner (34) - were given anti-social behaviour orders in January, but residents fear that the issue will rear its head again 
unless action is taken to prevent it.

After seeing their distress, Ms De Piero has pledged to do all that she can to help and has written to Ashfield District Council to request that CCTV is introduced in the area as a matter of urgency.

She said: “These residents have had enough of crime and anti-social behaviour right on their doorstep and so have I.

“No one should be forced to close their curtains and live in fear in their own home and it’s heartbreaking to see people come in to my office in floods of tears because of the 
mindless behaviour of few yobs.

“It’s unacceptable and I’m determined to stamp this out which is why I’m really grateful to Mr Tipping for 
coming along and meeting residents.

“It was reassuring to hear him say that they could count on his support as well.”

The MP and the PCC have also promised to arrange another meeting between the local police and council in order to encourage closer and more effective partnership working.

It is hoped this will help combat the problem here and elsewhere in Ashfield.

Mr Tipping said: “Anti-social behaviour can badly affect the quality of life for 
residents in our local communities which is never acceptable.

“To tackle it effectively, all the partner organisations need to work together, cohesively, so that enforcement is a realistic outcome.

“The main problem is often obtaining enough evidence against those who carry out this type of behaviour which is why I support any measures that will help us to gather the evidence and bring people to account for their 

Anybody who sees any form of anti-social behaviour being committed should contact Nottinghamshire Police on 101.