New ASB power is used against Woodhouse teen

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Police in Mansfield Woodhouse are some of the first in the country to use new antisocial behaviour (ASB) powers which come into force this week.

On Monday (20th October), Nottinghamshire Police took the first steps to issuing a Community Protection Order (CPN) to a 17-year-old in the area.

A warning letter has been sent to the boy who police say has plagued the area with persistent antisocial behaviour over the last nine months.

His activities include throwing stones at local residents, knocking on doors and running off, following people and taunting members of the public.

The youth, who cannot be named for legal reasons, has been issued with a warning letter stating he will be issued with a CPN if the behaviour continues, police said.

A CPN stops a person from committing antisocial behaviour which spoils the community’s quality of life.

A breach means a person can be arrested, put through the courts, and fined up to £2,500, police said.

Mansfield Woodhouse Inspector Mark Webster said: “This individual has made several people’s lives a misery through his persistent antisocial behaviour. He has little regard for authority or the law and it is hoped this warning will make it increasingly difficult for him to behave in such a manner.”

The new powers to tackle anti-social behaviour (ASB) see 19 existing powers streamlined into six new ones, meaning Police and local authorities will be able to tackle ASB faster and more effectively.