New police system backed by deputy commissioner

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The deputy police and crime commissioner has added her backing to Nottinghamshire Police’s new system of updating victims.

Track My Crime Nottinghamshire allows victims to have direct contact with the officer investigating their case 24 hours a day via a secure online messaging system.

Deputy crime comissioner Chris Cutland said: “Victims of crime tell me that they want to be kept better informed about the progress of the investigation into their crime.

“Track My Crime is designed to make that easier for everyone, but particularly the victim, who rightly expects support, respect and access to information.”

The new system is simple to use and it lets the victim send non-urgent updates to the officer investigating their case, as well as being able to see updates from them.

“Police officers, by the nature of their work, are not always available. They work a variety of shifts, including nights. But this is not a problem with Track My Crime as the officer can send an update at any hour, which will be waiting for the victim to view at their convenience.”

The system is also very secure meaning that, as long as victims of crime keep their details safe, they and the police will be the only ones to know details about their crime.

Assitant chief constable Simon Torr said: “We designed Track My Crime in-house to ensure that it is the most efficient and effective system it can be. It gives us another way to keep victims fully informed about the progress of their investigation and saves officers time, meaning we can improve our service to the public even further.

“Victim satisfaction is so important to us and anything that helps us make our service better is essential.”

If you have been a victim of crime and wish to be updated via Track My Crime, contact the officer investigating your case. They can then ensure that you are able to access the system so that you can register.