Nottinghamshire domestic abuse perpetrator programme praised for helping to reduce violence

Nottinghamshire Police and Crime Commissioner Caroline Henry has praised the success of a domestic violence intervention programme working directly with offenders to change their behaviour.

Monday, 6th June 2022, 9:35 am

Mrs Henry (Con) secured £136,692 in 2021-22 and £136,692 in 2023-24 to deliver perpetrator-focused intervention for men or women using abusive behaviour in intimate relationships to help safeguard the lives of their partners, ex-partners and children.

The funding has been used to commission the Your Choice Project since 2021 – a partnership between domestic abuse support charity Equation, The Jenkins Centre in Leicester, Women's Aid North and Juno Women's Aid.

The programme aims to tackle the cause of domestic abuse by working with perpetrators and supporting partners or ex-partners who are suffering the consequences of the abuse through a Partner Support Service (PSS).

Nottinghamshire PCC Caroline Henry has praised the success of the new scheme

Since launching, 95 per cent of survivors reported a sustained reduction of abuse while 90 per cent of victims/survivors reported feeling safer since intervention.

On top of this, 100 per cent of clients who provided feedback to the scheme during the last quarter (January to April 2022) felt they had been offered the support they needed while on the programme.

Furthermore, 100 per cent of the clients who completed feedback during the same period felt the programme had supported them to make changes in their lives and outlook.

Mrs Henry said: "These results speak for themselves and demonstrate the huge value of working at the source of the abuse to bring lasting change in these offender's behaviours.

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"I am particularly encouraged by the positive feedback received from survivors themselves who have felt supported to make important changes to their lives and futures.

"I am grateful to all the partners involved in delivering this service and for their continued evaluation which has deepened our insight into the strengths of this programme.

"Supporting victims of domestic abuse will always remain a top priority but clearly, we must take a variety of approaches to prevent abuse happening in the first place and to protect future victims from harm.

"Working directly with perpetrators is an effective intervention strategy."

Amy E Davies, service manager for the Your Choice Project and quality assurance and treatment manager for all The Jenkins Centre, Freeva Projects, said: "The Your Choice Project is pleased to see the roll out of this project is having such a positive impact within Nottinghamshire for those impacted by violence and abuse.

"It is really positive to see Nottinghamshire service being so commitment to a multiagency approach to working with perpetrators and supporting survivor of abuse."

The Your Choice Project delivers a 24-week Perpetrator Programme providing group and one-to-one interventions for men and women who want help to stop using abusive behaviours towards an intimate partner.

The programme draws upon cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) techniques, psychoeducation, Duluth model and narrative therapies to support those using violence and/or abusive behaviours make steps towards change.

It also offers Integrated Partner Support for up to a year to ex-partners and partners of clients that have been assessed as suitable for an intervention programme and a 10-week Dads' Programme focusing on the impact of abuse on children, parenting skills and building relationships within the context of being a father.