Nottinghamshire Police grant is set to be half that of 2010 by 2020 - can Mansfield and Ashfield be kept safe?

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Nottinghamshire Police Commissioner Paddy Tipping and Chief Constable Chris Eyre say that by 2020 the money the force recieves from Government will be half that of 2010.

The force has already seen station closures, a recruitment freeze and there are plans to cut 70 PCSOs across the county.

They say they can manage and the people of Mansfield and Ashfield will be safe and secure despite the cutbacks.

Chris Eyre said: “Every force in the country is facing cuts, although few are as severe as those we face; in response many have decided to remove their Neighbourhood policing or to merge it with other teams.

I have endeavoured to achieve as many of the savings as possible from non-operational services so that we can maintain a frontline policing presence in our communities and to enable us to continue to do so in the face of the increased budget cuts over the next five years.

“Paddy Tipping and I have decided to retain neighbourhood policing as the foundation of our service to the communities of Nottingham and Nottinghamshire. PCSOs and Beat Managers will continue to be deployed across the whole of the City and County, supported by uniformed response officers, investigators and other specialist teams.

In order to achieve this, we have reviewed neighbourhood policing across the force and planned a service designed to meet the different levels of crime, risk and demand in different areas. We will reduce the numbers of PCSOs by 72.59 (FTE) and neighbourhood police officers by 18.5 (FTE).

“This is a small fraction of the total number of police staff and police officers we will lose over that period. The future structure is designed to meet demand, maintain our commitment for policing to be at the heart of our communities and ensure that there is a sustainable model of policing in Nottinghamshire.”

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