Notts specials to take to the streets

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Nottinghamshire Police special constables will take to the streets this weekend to spend their time talking to residents to highlight the work they do in communities.

As National Volunteer’s week draws to a close National Specials Weekend - organised to promote the work of Specials in local communities – will run until tomorrow, Sunday 7th June.

Special Constables are volunteer members of the public who are trained and hold full police powers.

There are over 20,00 Specials serving with police forces across the UK and these officers complement the existing local teams in providing local, visible policing. In Nottinghamshire, there are currently more than 200 Specials integrated within neighbourhood policing teams to increase public reassurance, reduce crime and antisocial behaviour and resolve local issues.

Nigel Hoodless, special constables co-ordinator, said: “This week our members of the special constabulary, along with all of our volunteers, have supported the National Volunteer Week. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to each of our specials. Each have shown huge resilience coping with the changing working environment. They have continued to support regular officers and are an integral part of the Police Family. We will soon have another 31 Specials supporting our SNT’s, 10 of these from Nottingham Trent University. A further 72 Specials will commence their training later this year.”

Grant White, who was a special constable for ten years said: “I joined in 2004 as I wanted to become a regular PC and thought that being a special would give me the opportunity to see what the job was like. As my career path changed, I continued to volunteer as a special as the job was so varied and exciting.

“It is that sense of being part of the solution, being the person the public can turn to in their worst moments that make the job fulfilling and rewarding.”

This weekend our special constables will be on patrol at events across the city and county including Southwell Folk Festival, Battle of Britain Parade and Royal Engineers Freedom Parade.