Parents’ action plea over flats junkies

Layton Burroughs
Layton Burroughs

Frightened parents in a Mansfield block of flats say they fear for the safety of their children because of drugs use in the complex.

Residents of the Layton Burroughs flats, in Corporation Street, contacted Chad to say their lives are being blighted by addicts leaving syringes and other paraphernalia in corridors and on stairwells.

Drugs are also being dealt openly in alleyways around the flats, and one terrified mother found a discarded needle protruding from an electricity box.

The residents, who have asked to remain anonymous out of fear of repercussions from the dealers, said they are calling for tougher action from police, Mansfield District Council and housing association ASRA, which manages the properties.

They say that apart from evidence of heroin use around the flats, there are also signs of people dealing and smoking cannabis and consuming alcohol.

“Everywhere you look there are needles left scattered around - there was even one left sticking out of an electricity box outside a flat,” a spokesman for the residents said.

“We are just really worried for the safety of the children because it’s a real problem. There are people dealing on broad daylight in the alleyways around the complex, but it’s inside as well.

A spokesman for Mansfield District Council said that all complaints received on properties owned by ASRA were referred to the housing association to investigate. Reports of criminal behaviour are passed to the police.

A Nottinghamshire Police spokesman said they are monitoring the situation and urged residents to report criminal behaviour on 101.

An ASRA spokesman said: “We are aware that drugs users from the local area have strayed on to the estate.

“If we suspect one of our tenants to be either taking or dealing drugs on any of our properties then we will take decisive action, which could ultimately result in eviction.

“Work is planned over the autumn to upgrade Layton Burroughs, including the blocking off of two thoroughfares as well as installing new doors and double glazed windows in the flats.

“This will help plan out any possible anti-social issues and show that Layton Burroughs is very much part of our future investment strategy. We will come down very hard on anyone who seriously breaches their tenancy. We want to make the area a good place to live and that’s why we’re investing in Layton Burroughs.”

Drugs den: The Layton Burroughs flats, off Corporation Street, which residents say is being plagued by drugs use and a syringe left sticking out of an electricity box outside a flat in the complex.