POLICE COLUMN: CID snare conwoman


On February 6, 2015, due to the excellent work of CID covering Bulwell they charged and remanded a female for four distraction breaks in the Bulwell area, where the offender purposely targeted the elderly using different distraction methods.

She pretended to be a nurse, looking for a friend or asking to call a taxi in order to gain entry to the victim’s home.

Once the victims were distracted she then took the opportunity to steal money from their handbags.

Could you please advise elderly relatives and neighbours to use door chains and passwords and, when in doubt, not to let unknown visitors in.

Despite the above, I am pleased to announce that burglary dwelling continues to fall month-on-month, though this is still showing that Bulwell is 11 offences over compared to this time last year at the end of January.

But this is a great improvement considering where we were six months ago when we were 32 offences over compared to the year before in July.

This was mainly down to a prolific offender who was active in the Highbury Vale and Bulwell Forest area and was detained last year and still continues to remain in custody.

Most recent offenders have targeted insecure homes where windows and doors have been left open or unlocked. Please ensure your property is secure with sufficient security on garden gates, help us fight back by not giving offenders an easy ride.

Burglary other (commercial/sheds) remains down by 15 offences compared to last year, however monthly figures are showing an increase due to shed breaks which I spoke about last month.

These offences are being committed in the early evening and overnight, so please be vigilant. These are thought to be local young males who maybe watching as you return home on push bikes and motorbikes.

Theft of motor vehicle remains high, up by 17 offences. This is a widespread issue with the highest rise being in Bulwell Hall. Small motorbikes and mopeds have been the main target when left on view or not securely fastened to another solid structure. Unfortunately they are easy to break the steering lock on and wheel away.

If you know anyone who owns a motorbike, or who intends to learn to ride one this year, please pass on the message that it is important that sufficient security is also purchased to make the bike as difficult as possible to steal.

Inspector Christine Busuttil