Police patrols around Hucknall hotspot to stop car gatherings

Police from Hucknall and Kirkby-in-Ashfield maintained continuous patrols around the junction 27 area of the M1 on Sunday night in a bid to deter or catch drivers holding illegal car gatherings.

Monday, 13th September 2021, 4:31 pm

Patrols also took place around Tesco in Hucknall and Hucknall Tram stop.

These patrols have been going on for some weeks now.

However, their importance has been highlighted by recent events in Derbyshire, whereby a driver had lost control of their vehicle causing said vehicle to exit the carriageway and onto a grass verge where spectators were stood close by.

Police patrolled around junction 27 of the M1 at Hucknall on Sunday night

Posting on their Facebook page, Ashfield Police said: “Whilst it is understood that car enthusiasts enjoy meeting with each other and comparing vehicles, this must always be done in a controlled manner away from public highways.

"This is to ensure that all that are involved may that be the vehicle owners, the drivers of said vehicles or spectators are kept safe.“If anyone is seen to be driving in an antisocial manner, either on their own or in a convoy, a Section 59 Notice will be issued

"If a driver or vehicle is then seen to be driving antisocially it means that the vehicle or the vehicle belonging to the driver will be seized or the vehicle that is being driven will be seized even if it isn’t the same driver as before.”

The Dispatch has contacted the police to find out whether any arrests were made or incidents occurred.

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