Possible solution for ASB hell

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Residents on a Suton street blighted by anti-social behaviour are hoping a lock on the nearby access gate to Sutton Lawn will put a stop to the problem.

Bramley Court is one of many access points to the park and householders say youths congregating while en route there are making their lives a misery.

Susan Buxton, who lives on the street, said the problems were so bad she was thinking of moving.

“Enough is enough - we are living amongst anti-social behaviour, vandalism and noise at all hours,” said Susan. “It has got to stop. Our area has suffered from this type of behaviour for years.

“Litter is strewn all over the place - it is making our lives a misery. Some residents have even complained of plants being stolen.”

Coun Jason Zadrozny, member for Sutton North, has asked Ashfield District Council to lock the gate and give residents a key.

He said: “This is a common sense solution that will reduce anti-social behaviour in the area.

“The Government has just relaxed the rules when it comes to blocking footpaths for emergencies like this.

“There is plenty of access to Sutton Lawns anyway - so it will not have a detrimental affect for park users.”