Reckless Hucknall teenagers risking their lives climbing on to town roofs

Teenagers and young people are risking serious injury – or even their lives – by climbing onto shop roofs in Hucknall, police have revealed.

Thursday, 1st July 2021, 1:45 pm

Police have also received numerous reports of people climbing on to the roof of Hucknall Leisure Centre off Linby Road.

Regular patrols are now being conducted in areas where cases have been reported.

Ashfield Police posted on its Facebook page: “This is extremely dangerous and is putting those involved at risk of causing serious injuries to themselves.

People were seen on the roof of Hucknall Leisure Centre
People were seen on the roof of Hucknall Leisure Centre

“If we do come across those involved we will be speaking to them and taking appropriate action. Nottinghamshire Police will not tolerate this behaviour.

“If you do see this happening please report this to 101 or 999 in emergency circumstances.”

A shopper, who witnessed a trio on the roof of the High Street post office, told the Dispatch: “It’s just brainless. If one of them falls they could kill themselves. Youths think they are indestructible. But they will lose a fight with concrete from 30 feet.”

Coun Jim Blagden (Ash Ind), who represents Hucknall Central on Ashfield District Council, said: “This is something councillors have also reported to the police.

"I welcome that extra patrols that have been taken place as a result.

"I would also make a plea to parents to speak to their children and warn them of the dangers they face by climbing on our shops and other buildings like the leisure centre.

"This is something we intend to discuss with Hucknall’s beat officers and the Ashfield district commander, Inspector Mark Dickson.”

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