Residents' shock after Ashfield Co-op targeted by armed robbers

Co-op Food & Grocery Shop, Skegby Road.
Co-op Food & Grocery Shop, Skegby Road.

Residents have spoken about their shock after an Ashfield Co-op was targeted by armed robbers.

The shop on Skegby Road, Annesley Woodhouse was targeted on Wednesday, March 20.


One woman who lives on Skegby Road said: "Police knocked on my door around tea time last night.

"They told us that the robber tried to steal cigarettes - but we didn't know anything.

"It is a bit worrying - people always say now to keep your doors locked - you just never know."

Another man who was walking his dog said: "It is a shame really.

"My son was walking the dog and said it looks like it has been done over - it was all shut off."

Yvette Dalby, posting on Annesley born'n'bred said: "What is happening to our village and broad daylight. It absolutely disgusting, people have no conscience. Hope police trace who ever it is and throw the book at them."

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Joanne McGee posting on the same public Facebook page said: "It was a smash and grab two masked people. My mum was in the shop at the time she was very very shook up."

Kerry Beadle said: "Hope all the staff are ok and get the support they need. What is our village coming to, scary times."

Veronica Tuckwood Webster posting on your Chad's FaceBook page said: "It must had been a terrifying experience for all, lets hope the police get them soon."