Single mother stole after she was ‘terrorised’

A hard-up single mum from Hucknall turned to shoplifting after being terrorised by her former partner, a court was told.

Vicky Arnold (31), of Story Gardens, stole from a supermarket only two days after she was given a conditional discharge for two years for another offence of theft.

But Helen Rooks (defending) told Nottingham Magistrates’ Court the offences stemmed from “a particularly difficult time” she endured with her ex-partner in the run-up to Christmas.

“He beat her up, knocking out one of her teeth, and stole many Christmas items,” explained Miss Rooks.

“And then, when he was allowed to see one of the daughters on her birthday, he pinched an Xbox that Miss Arnold had bought her as a present.”

Later that same day, on Saturday 14th April, Arnold stole food and perfume, to the value of £47.87, from the Aldi store, off Portland Road, Hucknall.

The court heard that the ex-partner had since been prosecuted and was now in prison.

But Arnold encountered more problems because her mother was taken to hospital with mental-health issues. She was now caring for her.

Arnold pleaded guilty to the shoplifting offence and also to a further charge of breaching her conditional discharge.

Her case was adjourned until Tuesday 15th April for the preparation of reports by probation officers.

A report is also to be compiled by Nottingham’s Criminal Justice Intervention Team (CJIT) after the court heard that Arnold had previously tested positive for heroin or cocaine and might be dependent on class-A drugs.