Store manager laughed at cops after Mansfield cocaine arrest

Clumber Street, Mansfield
Clumber Street, Mansfield

An award-winning store manager who spent £300 on booze during a work's night out laughed at police after he was caught with cocaine, a court heard.

Nathan Weldon "had an awful lot to drink and he didn't understand entirely what was going on" after he was arrested for possessing cocaine, on Clumber Street, on October 12.

"When they dealt with him at 10.25pm he was told to leave the area," said prosecutor Michael Treharne.

"He didn't have money for a taxi and went to find his friends. Unfortunately his approach to the police wouldn't have helped.

"He was either aggressive or laughed, and found the whole process was amusing."

Weldon was arrested again for failing to comply with the order.

Denise Aubrey, mitigating, said Weldon, who had no previous convictions, could lose his job as an assistant manager "as a result of a very silly night out."

"He wanted to make a good impression on the staff and contractors and he spent £300 on alcohol," she said.

"He won a gold award from Four Seasons. This is obviously out of character.

"This is the second time he tried cocaine. He was given it by some of his associates. He said he took it only to fit in. He has no problem with drink or drugs.

"He was very frightened in the interview. His laughing was because he still felt drunk and it was a reaction to the situation."

Weldon, 24, of Hunloke Avenue, Boythorpe, Chesterfield, admitted possession of the drug and failing to comply with a section 35 order to leave an area, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Thursday.

He received a 12 month conditional discharge, and was ordered to pay costs of £85 and a £21 surcharge.

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