Sutton man caught with cocaine in nightclub cubicle

The Lexis nightclub in Mansfield
The Lexis nightclub in Mansfield

A Sutton man who was discovered with cocaine in a nightclub toilet was reeling from his parents' divorce, a court heard.

Security staff at the Lexis nightclub found Jonathan McKenzie with six wraps of the Class A drug in a toilet cubicle, at 3am on Sunday, March 3.

He told police he had been using more and more of the drug since his parents split up and he lost his job in November, 2018, said prosecutor Donna Fawcett.

"He said he would take three grams on a night out and a couple of half grams in the week," she added.

Donna Pursglove, mitigating, said his parents had left him in the home address and transferred all the bills to him.

"Around this time he was using quite a lot of drugs," she said, adding that since then his drug use had stopped, and he had found a new job as an agency worker.

McKenzie, 19, of Garden Lane, admitted possession of the drug, when he appeared at Mansfield Magistrates Court, on Wednesday.

He was given a 28-day curfew, from 11pm to 5am, along with £85 costs and an £85 government surcharge.