Sutton man describes savage attack which left him with a metal plate in his jaw

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A Sutton man who was left with a metal plate in his jaw after being savagely punched eight times in the face in an unprovoked attack is appealing for the public to help police identify his attacker.

The 25-year-old, who does not want to be named, was walking with a friend along Sutton’s Alfreton Road on 23rd June at about 10.30pm when the man parked his car a distance away and approached him.

He had shouted obscenities at the pair, who had been walking back from the Maplewells Inn after a few cups of tea, as he passed them in his car.

And then turned around, passing them twice again before parking some distance away and approaching on foot.

The well-built man, who was aged between 25-28, then said in a very calm voice, ‘what did you say?’ His victim’s friend replied, ‘he did not say anything.’

He then looked back at his victim and said, ‘why have you called the police?’ after noticing he had dialled 999 on his mobile phone.

As he turned to face his attacker the shocked man was punched hard in the face.

He remembers being hit several times more as he struggled on the ground to get away, then lying on the ground covered in blood speaking to a police call taker over the phone.

“My friend said he held me at arm’s length and hit me eight-nine times to the face, systematically and deliberately.

“When he had finished I heard him leaving. He walk off and calmly drove away. It did not feel like he was a random chav looking for a fight.

“He was very calm and collected.”

The attack left the traumatised man requiring hospital treatment for a fractured jaw and a permanent metal plate to fix it back in place.

He was told by a surgeon at the time that if the attack had continued he may well have been killed.

He has been unable to return to his job, as it involves talking on the phone, which he is unable to do for long periods of time.

The man added: “Everyone tells me I should not go out as much and I should change my routine, but I do not want to do that.

“I just hope someone will see this and give me a hand getting him locked up.

“It has angered me more than anything else. I have to go out sometime but it is the fact that someone can do this with such impunity.

“I would just rather he did not get the chance to do this again and hope this appeal helps catch him.”

The victim described his attacker as white, between 5ft 6” and 5ft 8” in height, of stocky build and with short, light hair.

He had a worded tattoo on the left-hand side of his neck and a tattoo with a tribal design on the area around his left rib cage.

He was wearing a dark tracksuit and brightly coloured trainers. If you can help identify him please phone police on 101.