Sutton man who resisted arrest claimed cannabis psychosis had played a part in his behaviour


A Sutton man who struggled with a policewoman when he was arrested for drugs offences said ‘Cannabis psychosis’ had affected his behaviour.

Karl Simon Millin, of Elder Street admitted possessing cannabis and resisting arrest when he appeared before Mansfield Magistrates, on Wednesday.

The court heard police were called to the house on April 16 after Millin, 33 had rowed with his partner.

Around 18 officers had attended the property and Millin had been forced to the floor during his arrest.

He had kept his hands behind his back and under his body as he refused to be handcuffed.

The policewoman suffered scratches to her arms and bruising to her legs during the struggle.

Millin was found to be in possession of a small amount of cannabis.

The court heard he had been using the drug since the age of 13 and suffered from cannabis psychosis which had affected his mental health and this had impacted on the way he had dealt with the situation.

He was fined £110, with a £50 contribution to court costs, a court cost charge of £150 and £25 compensation.