White Mansfield man hurled bizarre torrent of racist abuse at white neighbour


A Mansfield man has admitted subjecting a neighbour to a torrent of vile racial abuse during a drunken rage.

But the target of his vitriol told police he was puzzled - because he is a white European.

Derran Elston Simpson made the bizarre outburst in front of a CCTV camera outside the house of a family on Budby Crescent, Meden Vale on November 14, a court heard.

Simpson, 41 pleaded guilty at Mansfield Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday to causing racially aggravated fear and provocation of violence.

He pleaded not guilty to a further offence of intimidating a witness.

Magistrates heard that a relative was facing trial for allegedly scratching cars on the street and the abuse victim was a complainant in the case.

Simpson himself was not a defendant in that case and did not mention it during his tirade.

He was described as being obviously drunk when he was recorded approaching the CCTV camera at 11.15pm.

His volley of abuse was detailed in court, during which he was described as spitting on the camera.

Simpson then returned to the camera with his coat over his head and continued with his insults, which included claims he had scratched the complainant’s car himself.

His defence solicitor said Simpson accepted he had been partially motivated to use those words because he considered them to be offensive in themselves and wanted to abuse the complainant as much as he possibly could.

The court heard that racially aggravated abuse was still an offence even if the words were not directed to a person of a different ethnicity.

Simpson will be sentenced following his trial on April 7.